A True Love Story, a second chance at love

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  1. When Dreams Shatter
  2. Love Story: When Life Gives You A Second Chance
  3. The Girl Who Found Her Knight In Shining Armour
  4. A Second Chance at Love by Kassandra Lynn

Aman began to realize that he was actually missing her. That was when he finally made the decision and walked up to Anandi's parents and asked her hand in marriage. After all that Anandi had gone through, her parents did not want to make her go through the pain of marriage all over again. At the same time, they were scared about what would happen to her once they were no more. All of this put them in a dilemma and that made them take months to arrive at a worthy conclusion.

Ultimately, they agreed to the proposal. However, things were not that smooth at the other end. Aman Koushik was a young and bright chap.

When Dreams Shatter

However as they say, when there is true love, nothing can stop a person from achieving his or her true goals. Seeing Aman and Anandi head over heels in love with each other and the love prevailing years, Aman's parents finally consented to the marriage and wholeheartedly accepted and welcomed Anandi. Following this marriage, Anandi was forced to believe that just because her marriage failed once, it does not mean that it will fail again and that it is okay to give life a second chance.

Today, Anandi and Aman are blessed with a cute baby angel and their life is complete. Indeed with the blessings from both sets of parents and their immense faith in each other, this couple showed how to sail through all the turbulences of life with ease and give importance to only one fact - and that is LOVE. When Dreams Shatter However, that was far from being true.

The Initial Shock After all that Anandi had gone through, her parents did not want to make her go through the pain of marriage all over again. The Un-acceptance However, things were not that smooth at the other end. As Love Prevails However as they say, when there is true love, nothing can stop a person from achieving his or her true goals.

The Story Goes On Following this marriage, Anandi was forced to believe that just because her marriage failed once, it does not mean that it will fail again and that it is okay to give life a second chance. You have already subscribed. Home Remedies For Receding Hairline. Health, Beauty, Fashion, Relationship, Cookery. No thanks, I'm better off solving my lifestyle issues myself. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

This includes cookies from third party social media websites and ad networks. Such third party cookies may track your use on Boldsky sites for better rendering. Our partners use cookies to ensure we show you advertising that is relevant to you. Ursila finds that she has been given a second chance.

She wakes up on the day of her wedding. She figures that she is alive because she has an important job to do Ursila is to marry Emperor Darian Ezra. He is a young fellow who is described as odd but only because he keeps to himself.

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He was raised by commoners and his life in the palace is peaceful but stressful for him. Ursila begins to add up her mistakes in hopes of correcting them. Then she needs to find out who ordered her families deaths and why. As she tries to untangle the mystery of intrigue, seduction and lies, she gets to know her husband. Ursila was written very well. She comes from a family who has always had a certain level of power and money in the land. She has never hurt for anything.

She has had many privileges, servants and now she is the empress. She is very selfish. She's not a good leader, IMO, because she hasn't been taught well enough in this role. This could be because she is a woman. She pushes people to obey her with her position. She's a young character and she really shows her age with her decision and choices.

She can be mean, silly, deceptive and sadly her manners are not very good.

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She's critical of almost everyone around her. Ursila wants revenge for her family that was once beheaded but is alive now. She blames her husband for this action and cannot forgive him for something he hasn't done Instead of concentrating on changing her future she holds a grudge and can't get past what happens. She has a second change but doesn't seem to be using it well. This is how Ursila sounds when she is in her moods: I, Ursila Ufran, am unique.

Love Story: When Life Gives You A Second Chance

No one in this world is like me, and I won't ever be anyone's shadow. In the next minute or the next second, I could cease to exist. I don't have time to moon over a man whose heart doesn't belong to me. He matters to me because he's the emperor, the only person who can prevent my family's death, and nothing more.

I liked how the characters have colored hair. I believe Ursila's hair is purple. Her mother's hair is green. The reader eventually finds out that Ursila was given her necklace from her elder brother, Ian. But there's no mention of why he gave it to her or where it came from.

This part of the story could have been fleshed out a bit more. Overall, Ursila is a complex character. One I haven't seen in quite some time. Her moods, her feelings are up and down. At times she was frustrating. She isn't stupid but she was a bit slow to realize certain things and I often wondered if she would figure it out. The mystery isn't all there is to this book. There is Ursila and how she grows from her experience, the information she uncovers and her relationships with people.

Darian is in the book, not just the beginning. I really like how the author created his character in an ambiguous way. It could be argued that he did love Ursila, hence the marrying her and running away in the beginning of the book. But others may see that it was all a ruse and he never really cared for her. This part of the book is debatable. I love the last sentence in the book. It really seals the deal on the title of the book.

I wanted to share but it gives away too much. I think this book would make a great book club choice. There are things worth discussing. Things that are thought provoking. I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. Sep 19, Coral rated it really liked it. When I read the blurb I wondered how different it would be , I mean it's kind of the same thing that happened in the first book so just how different can it be.

The Girl Who Found Her Knight In Shining Armour

Nevertheless, when I saw that it was available as an arc I held my breath until I got approved. It definitely exceeded my expectations, I loved it. Although I think I enjoyed the first book more, probably because we are confronted by the villain immediately, here we have to navigate treacherous waters to find the villain. Much along the lines of the same book , Ursila gets a second chance at life and she tries not to make the same mistakes she made before and that's where the similarities end, this author takes us on a complex journey of politics, betrayal and love.

This is one terrific book that should be read and I can't wait to read the next one. This can be read as a standalone. Aug 16, Jael rated it it was ok. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. I have read many of Kassandra Lynn's work and I must say her writing skills are clearly improving with each installment. The one thing I've always enjoyed about her works is how she doesn't follow the trope that's currently trending but instead chooses to write something totally refreshing and new.

Even though time travelling is far from an original idea, the way it was written made it feel different from the other time travelling novels ou I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review. Even though time travelling is far from an original idea, the way it was written made it feel different from the other time travelling novels out there.

A Second Chance at Love, despite being the second book of the series, can be read as a standalone, though readers of the first book will undoubtedly enjoy the cameo appearances of the characters of the first book. The major problem I've always had with Kassandra Lynn's works is her characters. Her main protagonists are invariably young women with some foresight of what was about to unfold and hence become determined to not let history repeat itself.

A second chance at true love (part1)

However, despite the initial drive, they also invariably end up making all the wrong decisions because they are all too petty to do anything beyond holding their enemies in disdain and immediately alienating them. If you're looking for subtle manipulations and complicated backstabbing and politicking, Kassandra Lynn is not the author for you.

I actually enjoyed the main male protagonist's character development, though if I was honest to myself, it was obvious who he was right from the get go. In fact, I'll come out right now and say that there is not a single element of surprise in this entire book, which was rather disappointing because even though Lynn's earlier works weren't exactly filled with unexpected plot twists, we do get some really pleasant surprise with how certain characters choose to react to a situation. I think too much effort has been put into making him good, to the point that he came across being very much a Gary Stu.

I did like how the relationship between the two of them developed, however. Slow build ups are totally my thing and I think it's good to have a heroine who refuses to fall in love with a guy simply because he looks good. Unfortunately, the side characters don't really get much of development. The secondary male protagonist's motivations for falling in love with Ursila was completely vague and to be honest, given how unreasonable and demanding she was acting around him, I should think that a man of his intellect should be repelled by her.

The only thing I can infer about his character is that he's a shallow man who falls for pretty faces. The villain was really clear from the get go as well.

A Second Chance at Love by Kassandra Lynn

I was pretty disappointed that the villain did not actually get a redemption arc the way the villain in The Book of Immortals did, but at least the villain had clear motivations so that's a plus. World building Like in the first book, the world isn't explored much. In fact, A Second Chance at Love is a step backwards because at least in the first book, we can tell that it's sort of a combination of ancient China architecture with medieval Europe costumes and culture that is an amalgamation of the two. In this book, you'd probably think it's a medieval Europe setting until suddenly everyone goes traipsing off to the temple.

That said, we do get a little more insight about why this goddess is so particularly meddlesome in the mortal world, so that's additional knowledge we get. Plot As aforementioned, my pet peeve about this work is that nothing's a surprise from start to finish. I could tell exactly who were the good guys and the bad guys and nothing they did came as a surprise. It's pretty much a linear plot, and if you can overlook how frustratingly shallow the heroine is, it's actually a pretty good read for when you just want something light.

I chose to return to Kassandra Lynn because her works generally doesn't take too much brain power to process and this story certainly did not fail to deliver. All in all, not the best book I've read, but not the worst either. I mean the colorful hairs and such here; I loved this aspect about the book.

Also really well balanced. So yes I struggled with her character the most in the book. Fortunately she develops a lot during the story and at the end she is not sp unbearable, because honestly her bitter, revenge driven self in the beginning is unlikable. He is really smart, cunning, caring and a really good leader but everybody misunderstood him. What bothered me a bit was how the servants were characterized, especially Ursilas.

They acted out of character and it was distracting how daring and mouthy they were toward their emperor and empress. It threw me off a bit. Second chance at love is a magical, lovely and quick read with suspense and romance. Jul 26, Lena Muo rated it it was amazing. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. It begins with the story of Ursila, a young empress of Viscent Empire, who falls in love with Draven, a royal healer, and elope with him but is married to Ezra, emperor of Viscent Empire talk about a complicated romance.

But Draven betrays her love and instead is in a relationship with Ursila's friend, Serene, which Ursila witnesses. Ursila runs away in rage and finds out her husband, Ezra, has announced to behead her entire family, labelling her and them as traitors. This enrages her even more and she doesn't notice the horse carriage who hits her.

She blacks out but only to awake back in time. While she figures out that this is an intentional act by the goddess of Avinia, she learns that this is not only a second chance at love but also a second chance in saving her family and the whole of the Viscent Empire. Initially with the goal of revenge, she, however, grows close and finds herself falling in love with Ezra, who she hates for killing her family, forgives Draven, realising he is a pawn of Serene and her father, Tryant Rustin, who are the true enemy of the Empire.

This second chance is like a mirror opposite to her initial life, where instead of falling for Draven, Ursila falls for Ezra and him to her, the husband who paid her no attention, and Draven instead falls for Ursila, which he didn't before. Nevertheless, the hardest part for Ursila is to convince Ezra that Serene and Tryant are the real traitors and also to beg for Ezra's pardon to spare her family. Will she able to convince him before it's too late for the Empire?

I have to admit I didnt quite like the protagonist initially, Ursila, because of her self-centrednes, ignorance and arrogance. It seemed she truly didn't care much about others, except for her family, although I felt her anger and the betrayal when she overheard Draven and Serene talking about being together. With this in mind, I thought the story would progress as a revenge in action where Ursila would unleash her fury on all those who betrayed or hurt her but I was pleasantly surprised, it doesn't quite turn out that way.

Although she does exact her revenge, she develops into a worthy empress who is determined in saving her family and not failing the goddess's trust in her in saving the Empire, making sacrifices along the way such as saving Ezra's life a few times with her life on the line. I was also pining for Ursila and Ezra to be together lol The storyline was really well put and interesting.

Instead of just a love story, there are also plot twists. It's a journey of Ursila of finding her way in this new life and her determination to save not the ones she loves but also the Empire. If you're looking for a time travel with a bit of love, action, betrayal, loyalty and spice in it, then this is the book for you. I would definitely recommend reading it, you won't be disappointed. Jul 21, Janine rated it it was amazing. I received an ARC and chose voluntarily to review.

A second chance at love? To think about needing one at all is sad but filled with hope at the same time. Well, not so much for Ursila. Disillusioned by love, she has set herself a new goal: It made for a very intense reading experience. This time it took a little longer for that to happen. I loved how they slowly got to know each other better, how they got over prejudices and misunderstandings. Besides all the love drama, there are the mysteries to be solved of how and why Ursila has been betrayed and her family killed. Jul 21, C. Erani Kole rated it it was amazing Shelves: Now this was something.