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Your Cart items Cart total. There is no story involved and had totally uninteresting characters which she tries to cover up with sexy scenes on almost every other page. I happen to love a book that grabs you right from the beginning with a really hot scene and this one sure did do that.

Rosalyn was awakened to what might happen between lovers at a young age and seemed intrigued rather than disgusted.

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It would cause her to behave in a very sensual manner when later she meets up with Derek. Derek is captivated because he knows Rosalyn is an innocent but she responds like a wanton - wow what chemistry between this couple. I loved that aspect of this book. As someone said Melanie is great with the seduction and the lovin! - The Highlander's Stolen Bride - Melanie George - Livres

So, why not 5 stars - well there seemed to be elements missing in this book. First off you cannot tell exactly when this couple actually first met - and what happened. There is a passage that appears to be a dream when Rosalyn is reliving moments with Derek but I could not tell whether it happened or is she wishing it had. With Derek too - all of a sudden he is her protector and saving her AGAIN - why not write how he saved her the first time. This just seemed too important to leave out. I think the ending was way too rushed - all of a sudden Rosalyn goes from not thinking she can marry Derek and leaving him forever to seduction - what changed her mind - a little talk with her friend Fancy??

If it were not for the amazing, very hot and very sexy scenes in this book I would only give it 3 stars but because I happen to like hot stuff in a book it gets 4 but Melanie could have hit a big home run with only a little more work! It was very easy read and I could not put it down. If you like to read about the highlands a the good guy winning you will enjoy this book. I should have paid more attention to the one star reviews as they are very accurate! I had to force myself to read through and have no idea how I managed to get to page Lady Rosalyn Carmichael has been forced into hiding from her stepbrother, Calder.

His plot to gain her portion of the inheritance has Rosalyn frightened not just for herself, but for anybody that aids her as well. Despite misgivings and erotic fantasies, she accepts Derek's offer of protection and accompanies him to his Scottish castle. Derek Hardwicke is a Scottish highland laird.

The Highlander's Stolen Bride

Because of his father's disastrous marriage to an English woman, Derek's clan expects him to marry a Scottish lass. Now, with danger inching ever closer, he must choose between his allegiance to his clan and a passion like he's never known Mass Market Paperback , pages. Published January 31st by Pocket first published January The Pleasure Seekers 3. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about The Highlander's Stolen Bride , please sign up. I loved reading this book I fell madly in love with Derek and I firmly reccomend everyone read this Also I was wondering if or when you are gonna write Ethan and Megan's Story..

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Lists with This Book. Jul 06, Readitnweep added it Shelves: No star rating intended.

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Book opens with a very graphic erotic scene which doesn't help the plot and the reaction of the virginal female protagonist to this scene makes no sense. Characters jump in from nowhere.

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  6. Writing is unorganized; story is mainly erotic fiction with little to nothing to do with the highlander genre. Bad characterizations and non-existant editing. Dec 06, Jessica Lively rated it it was amazing. I gave this no stars. Well the story could have been better.

    Hardback Editions

    But the woman was a wanton from the start. She seen a blowjob so now when she has dreams it's of hot sex. Totally out of place. For being a virgin she sure did know what was suppose to happen. And for that time frame, being that I never even seen a year mentions, was so wrong. She's perfectly happy being his whore and that didn't even fit in. One day I may get around to reading the first 2. Kinda bland on th I gave this no stars.

    Kinda bland on the death of the evil step brother. Ethan says he's dead and bam, we just take his word for it and so does everyone else. It left you hanging at the end with more sex and never let on could she ever really have kids or not. Jan 16, Delacey rated it it was ok.