Being Better Than You Believe: 8 Steps to Ultimate Success

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Or do the Scientific 7-Minute Workout:. Sleep is extremely important to your overall health for a multitude of reasons. In the short term, not sleeping enough can affect your judgment, mood, and even your ability to retain information. In the long term, chronic sleep deprivation can lead to obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even early death. Remember, consistency and routine are key when it comes to creating healthy sleep habits. Epstein points to two simple tenets for healthy sleep: Just as mental and physical aspects of your daily routine can elevate you and push you forward, the same is true when you tend to yourself emotionally and spiritually.

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Here are a few options to consider:. Engaging in this daily practice has a lot of positive benefits. Giovanni with the Live and Dare blog points out 76 of them, such as greater focus, better decision making and problem solving skills, improved memory, and an easier time managing hyperactivity or attention deficit disorder. There are so many awesome guided meditations available for free online and for many people this is a great way to get started or to enhance your practice.

Inspiration and motivation can come from many places—books, music, podcasts, videos, emails, other people. All you have to do is find the one or ones that resonate most with you and commit to engaging with them. Research has shown that inspiration can be activated, captured, and manipulated…and it has a major effect on important life outcomes. I have a few apps on my phone that I read daily to inspire and motivate me. They keep me centered and grounded, giving me a more stable mental foundation. Another way to get inspired involves repeating positive affirmations, which is why I do this both in the morning and at night.

In fact, researchers at Stanford University have found that affirmations have been shown to improve education, health, and even relationships. So find a word or phrase that is empowering and motivating to you and repeat it over and over again to yourself. If you woke up tomorrow and only had the things you were thankful for today, what would you have? By spending time each day expressing gratitude for all of the blessings in your life, you do two things.

Second, the more blessings you are thankful for, the more you draw in or attract. Beyond just realizing your blessings, it also helps to actively appreciate them. For instance, I make sure I spend some time daily with my daughter and wife because I always want them to know how grateful I am to have them in my life.

Come up with a list of all of the things that you are grateful for and go over it when you get up in the morning and again before you go to bed at night. Imagine the impact this could have on them…and you! According to a study by San Francisco State University, learning something new makes you happier long-term. While it may cause you a little stress in the short-term, at least until you reach some level of comfort, the end result is a higher level of life satisfaction, making it more than worth the initial uneasiness. How about painting, drawing, or writing? Think about the people in your life…do they give you emotional energy or take it away?

There is something extremely satisfying about helping those around you. Something as simple as opening the door for someone or giving a stranger or loved one a genuine compliment has the ability to make a huge impact on their day…and yours. Make it a goal to do something good for someone each day…and the smile on your face will be as big as the one on theirs. If you have time, you might also want to volunteer at a local charity or non-profit organization. If so…it might be time to take an honest look at what you are currently doing with your day and figure out where your time is being spent.

This is where technology can lend a helping hand. There are several this is an understatement! It also tells you how much time you spend sleeping and engaged in physical activity. It even tracks your moods. I also use the Way of Life app to help me keep track of my habits on a daily basis. Spend about a minute each day to track, identify and change your habits …and as you collect more and more information you will be able to easily spot positive and negative trends in your lifestyle. There are also websites that you can use to help you be the best you.

One to consider is The Daily Practice. This site allows you to set your own repeating goals, helping you turn them into habits. Or you can check out theXeffect on reddit. The late Steve Jobs touched on this concept in the commencement address he gave Stanford students when he said,. If not, then maybe you need to think about what you could be doing that would leave you feeling more fulfilled and full of life. Ever wake up first thing in the morning worried about something that may happen later that day, week, month, or year? Or maybe you spend a lot of time throughout the day going over future events in your mind, feeling an overwhelming sense of dread as you ponder everything that could go wrong.

This type of thinking can prevent you from becoming mentally ready to go to the next level, so one way to get over this obstacle is to ask yourself:. This tool gives you four simple questions to ask yourself and allows you to experience the happiness of undoing those thoughts. Asking and answering this simple question at the end of your day provides you with an opportunity to reflect and gives you perspective. Did you help other people? Having a healthy daily routine keeps functioning at the highest level possible on all three planes of existence — mind, body, and spirit.

I need it to make myself a better person. I was happy to just be doing one of these things on a daily basis! In other words, be specific in what you want, but also keep the flexibility necessary to work within in your lifestyle and schedule so your habits actually stick. One of my favorite examples of starting small to get big results comes from author John Grisham. Want to know what his goal was when he first started writing? Sometimes writing that one page would take 10 minutes…sometimes an hour. My office was 5 minutes away. And I had to be at my desk, at my office, with the first cup of coffee, a legal pad and write the first word at 5: Even one positive habit done daily can be the basis for major change in your life.

In the words of the late Jim Rohn,. What do you do to be the best you mentally, physically, and spiritually?

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Let us know what you are going to start with…or where you need help. After looking through these ideas, which ones could you implement so you can become the best you? Originally written Jun 21, Last updated Sep 7, Chris Winfield is an entrepreneur, writer and coach in New York City.

Check out his special bonus area for Buffer readers. My main problem is that I always start big and then burn out with new habits. Thank you for this post and especially the reminders about starting small. I am going to do exactly that today. Try this for the next 24 hours. Then do it for the next 24 hours. And keep repeating it until it simply becomes a part of who you are.

Thank you so much for this amazing post! It reminded me of what I have been struggling with this week. I am a business owner who just transitioned to working my business full-time. I have been driving myself hard and working beyond the hours intended and seeming to make no visible progress on my goals and feeling quite miserable and spent and exhausted.

Your post reminded me of many important things; but most importantly to divide up the day into workable chunks and ENJOY what you are doing.

Being Better Than You Believe

I have long lived by the timer and sticky to-do list approach and have found it really effective! I can focus and work well. But somehow in my frenzy to being on my own; I began to approach my long term projects as though I could actually accomplish a 3 to 4 week goal in 8 hours. I also subscribe to the learn something new each day and like the way you divvy up the reading. This is so chock full of other awesome tips that I could write a ton more about it!

But, I wanted to pause to thank you for collecting this amazing list of tips and best practices for folks to think about trying. Just like you said, every one of these might not be for every individual, but having used a lot of these in the past; I can endorse the majority of these as being a really effective way to organize yourself and your life! First off, thank you for writing and sharing this great blog with the world. It is exceptionally well written and has everything I look for in a great blog; white space, great use of multi media, and internal and external links.

I actually have pocketed this blog to use as an example for the next staff I train on blog writing. I have struggled with this for years, yet remember a time I found it easy to get up early and be productive. Okay it was in high school. You are definitely not alone in this…most people that I talk to are in the same boat…I know I was for most of my life…and my mind can still try to take me back there at times. The mental energy of beating myself up for not doing something was so much more taxing than any physical energy it would actually take to do it. Once I really understood and believed that, I just started breaking things down into smaller chunks and simply focusing on the next right action.

Very insightful, helpful, with a lot of great action steps. Boy is only 8mo and does not have a routine yet. I aim for 7 hours to be able to work on my side biz each morning before work.

Then I work at least 1 pomodoro on my side biz — usually writing. And want to get myself to write words each morning. Need to do creative work in the morning. Then I plan to add idea generation. So will add them one at a time. Will let you know how it goes. It is a complete source of information to change habits and construct funny routine!

I LOVE the tip of writing down 10 random ideas every day. After reading your excellent article I realized that a good daily routine is what I really need in order to overcome many of the things that are making me suffer. Once those become habits, add more. Just keep moving forward. I have to admit, however, that I read articles like this that are written by the self-employed with a grim smile on my face. Working in 21st Century Corporate America means high responsibility, constant accountability and minimum if any authority and resources.

Outside of work assuming there IS an outside we can apply a lot of your advice. I can definitely understand what you are saying and can see where you are coming from but hopefully I can shed a little more light on this from my perspective. It also took me quite awhile to work up to all of that stuff. For a long time, my only positive habit was flossing: I would say this is one of the most valuable blog posts ever and has the potential to transform lives! You can also browse through amazing picture quotes.

If you find this interesting, you may have a look here: Congratulations on this terrific article. I work in the high performance and publishing industries. I absolutely loved your message and writing style. Maybe I should interview you for my upcoming book! Feel free to reach out to me at anytime re: Thanks for sharing your daily routine, Chris. I get it done in minutes. I enjoy reading and meditation the most. TMM played a huge part in changing my morning routine. You would probably enjoy it. Thanks, I will check that book out now.

Really appreciate that you shared all this with us here on the Open blog, hopefully we might see more of you on here too in the future! You and everyone on your team that I know inspire me each day: Right from the beginning, I was drawn to the simple step of announcing a daily mantra. Something else that stuck out was your meditation recommendations.

Like you, meditation is something I could not imagine building into my life even after hearing so much about its benefits. Thanks so much for sharing! You have an incredible gift of putting strong content together in a powerful and motivational way. I am a junior in high school and this blog post is going to change my life, I can feel it. I cannot wait to begin writing my morning pages! I think the idea of writing one page a day will help me not just become a better writer, but believe I am as well.

Thank you for revolutionizing my life! Hi Angela — I am so inspired by your comment and your amazing attitude at such a young age it took me until much later in life to get to where it sounds like you already are: Chris, this post is just simply awesome! I made some changes, slowly. My life has taken on new meaning. A great inspiration Chris! Without knowing it I had started a daily exercise habit but now you have spurred me on to more habits. Love him or hate him, his book The Art of The Deal is a great resource on how leverage can make someone mega successful.

We talked earlier about how becoming a leader is one of the most important qualities one needs to "move the chains" in the game of business. In order to achieve greatness as a leader, one must then have a team of individuals who believe in the mission in order to move forward. That's where assembling a great team of partners plays such an important role in any profitable business.

Many start out alone and the wearer of many hats, but a business can only scale so far if there is only one source of energy, of inspiration, and of the actual sweat equity it takes to keep the lights on. As we will see in understanding the meaning of success both in business and in life, a true "business owner" is one who does not need to be a part of the day-to-day operations in order for the business to run and stay profitable.

The classic book " The E-Myth " is a great story of how many try and fail at running a business all by themselves. Instead, you need to take those leadership skills and motivate others to take their own specific skillsets and apply them together as a team for the greater good of the company. This doesn't just include employees, but also includes knowing who to shake hands with, how to create strategic partnerships, and how to use that leverage we previously discussed to convince others to have an interest in your venture.

Millionaire Marketing Secrets - Animated Breakdown of The Ultimate Marketing Plan by Dan S. Kennedy

And once you reach a certain level of success, it will be an even greater feeling when you get to share it with all who helped make it possible. So far we've discussed some of the most important concepts you need to understand in order to achieve success in business - but how do you exactly justify what is true success? Is it money, or sales, or the influence your actions have over the environment around you? Ultimately real success in business only matters if it also equates to success in life, and that all starts with having the right attitude towards it.

Nobody cares about those who are rich but hate the world they live in. Everyone knows the story of Ebeneezer Scrooge, the jaded old man that had all the money in the world but did nothing but create misery for others. To have a truly happy and fulfilling life, it's important to know what's really important and to develop values around what you can do each and every day to make that world a reality. Sure, many who start a business venture want to achieve a certain level of financial independence. But what does one do with those riches once they finally have them?

Those with the attitude that having money means they can buy more "things" to surround themselves with in order to feel superior to others will never be successful in their life.

Being Better Than You Believe: 8 Steps to Ultimate Success (published by Outskirts Press)

The entrepreneurs who focus on how they can create wealth that can help others and solve problems have the right attitude needed to obtain true happiness and be seen in a positive light by their peers and partners, and are the true embodiment of the word "success". We live in a world that is changing each and every day, at a speed that any of us can really truly appreciate. Technology over the last years has altered the way we communicate not only with our neighbor and loved ones but our business contacts around the world.

The generations that have grown up with this technology often take it for granted, never once stopping to "smell the roses" and to realize that they live in an amazing time in history and that much of what they have in their lives - everything from the electricity powering their lights, the cars that help them get to their next meeting, to their smartphones in their pockets are all things they should very much be thankful for. Those who are happy in both business and if life are those who are grateful for the world they live in. These are the people who make sure to thank the barista for their coffee in the mornings, who open the door for others, who actually listen to those who they have conversations with.

Successful entrepreneurs should never forget all the people, places and things that have played a role in their lives that helped them get from their humble beginnings to where they are today. The next time you're flying on a plane, remember the comedian Louis CK's amazing observation that you're "sitting in a chair in the sky", and be grateful for all the wonderful things we get to experience every day. Your money and success isn't going to do you any good if you're not around to use it - so why would you live your life so dangerously that you would sacrifice your health? What good is all the passion you have for your business dreams if you're not going to be around to see them come true?

Too many of us get caught up in the game of life that we never think about the damage we all do to our bodies along the way. As entrepreneurs our days are so full of work and juggling projects that are lunch breaks become mere small breaks in the day where we shove fast food down our throats to get rid of our hunger.

I personally inhale my food. Our nights turn into a time where we sometimes burn the candles at both ends, turning the stress of the day into an excuse to ease the pain with alcohol and drugs. While we worship the celebrities who died before their time, is that how we define success in life? Our obsession with money and material things makes us greedy and insecure of who we are and how others perceive us.

Without our health, we can never truly achieve success. A leader needs to be strong, and we're not just talking about a lean body or muscles here - your mind has to be healthy in order to persevere through the day and not only achieve the success you're looking for, but to be able to enjoy it as well. We've discussed the importance of not going it alone along your path to building your business, and this same ideology applies to your personal success and happiness.

What's the point of doing anything if you don't have special people in your life to share it with. No one wants to be the Bruce Wayne of their city, the quack who owns the huge dining room table with no one to dine with. People are social by nature, and it's important to have a life outside of those you work with. Your friends are people to share your experiences with, who will be there to high-five you with every victory and also pick you up after every failure.

Make sure they are also the ones who have the same attitude, give back gratitude, and remain a positive force in your life. Those who feed off of negative energy are the ones you can bring the whole house crashing down around you. We've discussed in detail why we become entrepreneurs in the first place, and the importance of deciding what goals we're trying to achieve.

Most will begin the journey with dollar signs in their eyes, or seeking some level of power. Many times these things are personal and selfish, but one who is seeking true success in their lives will be doing so not just to share with their friends, but more importantly their families. Not everyone has the greatest of childhoods, and no one is expected to share wealth with their siblings just because of blood.